Community Outreach

Upon This Rock I Build My Church

and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.

Matthew 16:18

God has not only put us in the position to provide shelter and resources to the lost, broken, and addicted;

He's given us opportunities to restore lives and transform our community!

God works through us to provide safe homes and bright futures to the men, women, and children who truly are in need; to help our fallen brethren come to know Christ in an undeniable way, to understand their struggle with sin and learn to trust and rely on God for all things.
Grace Gospel Fellowship and its off-spring, Grace Centers of Hope, exist solely for the purpose of creating physical and spiritual community through the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the local Church.  Because we believe that the Gospel's purpose is both spiritual and social, we strive not only to save the soul, but the life as well.

With the heart of a servant, we feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and comfort the hurting in an atmosphere of accountability and responsibility.  Our focus is on building community among the homeless and the addicted, and we recognize that there are many others in need of the Saving Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Consequently, we realize the vision will never reach completion because as long as there is sin in the world, there is abuse, there is abandonment, there is addiction, and therefore there is need.

Who is Grace Centers of Hope?

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Grace Centers of Hope is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian organization and a community outreach ministry owned by Grace Gospel Fellowship.  Through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, personal accountability, life-skills education, and integrated work-related programs, Grace Centers of Hope is committed to positively changing the lives of the homeless, addicted, abused, and unwanted; to rehabilitate individuals and families and reintroduce them into society as productive citizens who've experienced and bare witness to God's Amazing Grace.

Our campus consists of multiple buildings, home to our Women and Children's Center, Men's Center, Daycare, Church, and Aftercare Community.
The foundation of change is the local Church which encourages residents to become strong in faith and independence, while lovingly promoting a sense of belonging within a fellowship-driven community that truly can be called "home".

Grace Centers of Hope strives for excellence in all of it's programs, and provides dignified housing and comfortable facilities for each of it's residents. We depends on the will of our Savior and the hearts of our generous donors for all of our funding needs; we do not accept any government funding.

How does Grace Centers of Hope help?

The Gospel

The one-year life-skills program introduces the Gospel as central to recovery.  Residents are encouraged to get involved with the Church, attend Bible Studies, and fellowship with one another.  We all struggle with sin, and He is the answer.

Life-Skills Education

Residents attend daily classes which offer advice on how to deal with the day-to-day struggles of life, relationships, and self.  The classes are designed to provide a baseline for self-discovery, and promote both personal and spiritual growth.


One-on-one counseling offers individual insight and advice into the personal struggles of our residents.  Group counselling opens up the dialog, encouraging peer support and fellowship.

Work Therapy

Work therapy offers a sense of belonging and purpose, and gives residents an opportunity to learn new skills.

Career & Education Assistance

Our Career & Education center provides classes for GED prep, as well as free GED testing for our residents.  Near the end of the program, residents are assisted with job applications and interview prep.


Our Church and its ministries establish a strong sense of community and belonging, open to all people from all walks of life.  Residents are encouraged to participate, and upon graduating the life-skills program, are given an opportunity to join the Aftercare Community sustained by the Church.

Hands of Hope

Hands of Hope is an extension of Grace Centers of Hope, providing free services to the families who are either enrolled in the one-year life-skills program or have graduated and moved into our Aftercare community.

Hands of Hope provides a loving, Christian learning environment and its programs are designed to create an atmosphere which encourages growth, individuality, imagination, creativity, and curiosity.  The focus is placed on the process of learning rather than the product.  Growth and development for each child is tracked in five key areas: physical, social, emotional, linguistic, and cognitive.

Hands of Hope offers full-day childcare for newborns up to age two, and preschool for three and four-year-old children.

Career & Education Center

The Grace Centers of Hope Career and Education Center is an integral component of the one-year life-skills program, providing learning and advancement opportunities, and resources for residents to graduate the program as productive members of our community.

The Career and Education Center is an authorized GED testing facility and offers classes to prepare residents for GED testing.  In addition, the center offers classes such as business communication, computers 101, work readiness, and reasoning skills, and provides career search workshops, resume writing and job search assistance, as well as interview coaching, to prepare individuals to enter the job market, fully prepared.

For our aftercare residents of Little Grace Village seeking higher education, the Career and Education Center provides assistance with college registration and homework, and offers a comfortable environment to study.

Thrift Stores

Not only do the Grace Centers of Hope Thrift Stores contribute to over 40% of all revenue for our ministry's cost of operations, they provide a form of work-therapy, allowing our residents direct involvement in support of the program of which they are enrolled.

Our four thrift stores turn your in-kind donations into treasures for resale, which means your donations to our stores and the purchases made by shoppers directly impacts the lives of hundreds of men, women, and children every year.

The proceeds from the thrift stores provide food, shelter, clothes, counseling, education, and employment to all of those in our one-year life-skills program, and our two-year aftercare program.

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What is Little Grace Village?

Pioneered as a fresh approach to ending and preventing homelessness, Little Grace Village weaves together supportive services, safe and affordable housing, and neighborhood revitalization efforts, to provide safe homes and bright futures to our recovering brothers and sisters, who have graduated the program at Grace Centers of Hope.

Upon graduating, residents of Grace Centers of Hope who've successfully completed the one-year life-skills program, are offered a chance to become members of our aftercare community.

At the heart of it all sits Grace Gospel Fellowship, of which all residents are active members, leading and mentoring future generations of residents at Grace Centers of Hope, the very program they were once part of. We encourage fellowship and mutual support within our aftercare community, and encourage our residents to give back.

What was once a blighted neighborhood in downtown Pontiac, destroyed by drugs and prostitution, is now a growing community where children are free to ride their bikes, safely up and down the street. We call this transformed neighborhood, "Little Grace Village".

Consisting of more than fifty single and multi-family houses on Seneca, Moreland, and Fairgrove, these houses have been purchased, beautifully restored to their original architecture, and rented or bought by the graduates of the one-year life-skills program at Grace Centers of Hope.

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